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With your own Apple Tutor, you can get any Apple question answered – in your own home or favorite coffee house and on your own schedule. Online Tutoring is Available as well. Just Ask.

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From an older iMac to a the brand new Apple iPhone X, use your Apple products the way YOU want to use them. Demystify your iCloud account and services. Wrangle your AppleID. FaceTime with your family. Work out with your Apple Watch. And much More!

Online Tutoring & Support

Don’t have time to meet in person? Online Tutoring and Support is available! Forgot that important step of how to do something? Simple phone or FaceTime followups are included. Some limits apply, of course 🙂

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Who We Are:

Daniel J Klein

In 2007, Daniel made a switch from running his own successful businesses to work for Apple Retail as a Creative Trainer for Apple. Daniel provided training and tutoring for customers of all ages, team members, management, and businesses alike on all Apple system software, graphics, video, and productivity software. He has Small Device training including iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Daniel was consistently one of the top NPS (Net Promotor System) earners in the store for his training and software expertise.

Daniel was also the Apple Store, Beverly Center’s first recipient of the Apple Living the Credo Award. He has Apple sales experience and was among the top in sales.

He has produced and developed training software demos for interactive clients including Decision Mark and Pioneer Seeds Vision software. Daniel has participated in Core Market Training Facilitation and as an in-store Training Mentor, has developed Training and Syllabus Materials.

Daniel is a Leadership Training Graduate.

What Apple Says:

He is heavily requested by our One to One members. Daniel has a wide range of knowledge... his background and experience in many disciplines gives him a high level of understanding of how the operating systems and the software interact. His presentation skills are first rate and his ability to relate to all skill levels make him a really good trainer. He is responsible for helping the most customers and taking the most appointments on his team. Throughout the last 12 months he had an NPS score of 96%, which is the highest in our store and is a genuine asset on the Creative Team.

Apple Managers Apple Retail Store

What Customers Say:

“Daniel is highly professional, patient and has a wealth of knowledge to educate asset to your company!”

- Apple Retail Customer

"I wish I could rate the instructor above 10/10. Daniel is the best instructor"

Cindy - Apple Retail Customer