Do you know which email account is the Default account your Contacts app is using?

Ever receive a Phone Call but you can’t really afford to answer it but don’t want to be rude by not answering  the call?

Want to know how to use the Finder to find your files on your Mac?

Do you know whether, what, and how your iPhone is Backing Up?

Have you been taking lots and lots of Photos and are concerned you could lose them?

So many questions.

From an older iMac to a the brand new Apple iPhone X, we want you to use your Apple products the way YOU want to use them. We can help with:

  • Demystify your iCloud account and services.
  • Understand your AppleID.
  • FaceTime with your family.
  • Work out with your Apple Watch.
  • And much More!

iPhone & iPad:

We can help you feel comfortable with your iPhone –  from an older iPhone 4 to the newest and greatest iPhone X.  Even with just the Basics, there are so many ways to make your experience better. And we like to encourage students to use their iPhones in ways that will help them with many aspects of their lives.

Advanced training includes Art and Design on the iPad and iPad Pro, Photography, Business Applications, and more.


Whether you’re switching from Windows or want to finally learn the basics that you know you should have learned when you first purchased your Mac, we can help. We’ve been using Macs for over 30 years! From the basics of the Finder to becoming expert in Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iTunes, Photos and many of the common Mac applications, your Apple Tutor can show you the best practices, tips, tricks, and take you to an advanced level if you’d like.

Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch has revolutionized “wearable computing”. Leave your iPhone in your pocket or purse and learn to utilize more of your Apple Watch and the WatchOS. Use it “hands free” and independent from your iPhone.  Raise your level of health and monitor your heart rate; free your brain by having the Apple Watch remember things for you; and communicate faster and more efficiently.


Discover the new Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV! View your iCloud Photo Library and watch album slideshows. Listen to Internet Radio and your Premium Channels like HBO Go. Play your favorite games. You can even cut your cable subscription if you use Apple TV!


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